Brand Interpretation

BASEUS is a fashionable and lively 3C digital accessory brand. With the meaning “based on us”, BASEUS represents “our 3C digital accessory base”. Thoughts come from mind and are connected by hearts. The Chinese name “Beisi” implies that BASEUS will provide innovative and fashionable products to customers, transmit the brand culture of “I think and I innovate” and try to meet the customers’ requirements.

Product Orientation

With the concept of environmental protection in mind, BSSEUS insists on adding value to quality goods by selecting best materials .Adhering to the design concept of breakthrough innovations and smarter life, BASEUS team integrates the latest scientific creativity, fashionable elements and arts into the product design; provides intimate services for customers and leads the new fashion. At present, the products from BASEUS have covered more than 100 countries and regions all over the world and won numerous praise both at home and abroad.

Innovation team

BASEUS owns a vigorous research and development team with innovation spirit. With the creative ideas of “pursuing the best”, we integrate the latest science and technology, environmental materials and fashionable elements into product design to create the unique BASEUS products, offering you convenience and heartwarming care. All appearance, color, function and package of our products are of innovative and charming design, which form the durable, fashionable and personalized products.